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hugh forte engagement

I’m pumped on Jeff and Ashlee. They are good people. I won’t be there for their San Francisco wedding later this year, but Sean will. More good people! Righteous.

Orange County, CA

Associated Works:

aron - dig everything about this session.

john day - damn fine.

caroline - hugh, i’m always so inspired by your brilliant compositions!


PJ - cool man ;-)) great photos…

PIerre Atelier - Now, people won’t go to Paris / France anymore to have a romantic moment, but, in Cali in a Parking lot with you…

LOGAN COLE - That first image is mind blowing! Oh and then so is the next and the next and the next… but that first one blew my mind like 2x

zulbard - you really good how to tell a story with images!

gee - sweet

ryan - that first one redefines physics and art, all at once.

kmh - The top halves of your clients ‘sploded in image 09 due to awesome acceleration

Igor Demba - Boom in the gut. That good!

lydia {ever ours} - ridiculousity. insane in the membrane.

rich - you see lines like no one else on the planet. awesome work!

Bradford - top of the foodchain stuff.

geneoh - you make parking garages look so good.

J Shoda - Your quarks and leptons are so on point here.

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