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Sara and I are headed to Europe in a couple weeks and I’d love to make some portraits while abroad. If you’re interested in booking a session during the dates listed below, please send me an email through the contact form or straight to connect [at] hughforte [dot] com. I’d love to see if we can get something dialed in. Thanks a bunch.

Travel Dates:

Paris  –  April 9th – 14th
Antwerp  –  April 15th – 20th
Amsterdam  –  April 21st – 23rd

La Défense, Paris, France

Associated Works:

Martin Hemsley - UK pleeeaaaaaaase.

Nina - I wish you`d come to Switzerland, I love your portraits. Someday I hope! Have a great journey!

James - I wish you the best of times.

Nieves - Yes come to the UK (London) and I am in!!! I love your photography so much!

sara forte - I CANNOT wait to go on an adventure with you. wee! One week!

Steve Gerrard - Come to the UK!!!
We’d totally take you up on that.

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