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Denver, CO.

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Mel - Do you mind if I ask where is this in Denver? The Coors Brewery? I’m getting married next year in Denver and looking for a place like this.

Cliff Marck - You’re something else Mr. Forte. That new logo fits your photography so well. The lines, architectural influence and minimalism is pure perfection. Love it.

Nirav - Creative to no end man. You are brilliant.

john benavente - i see you like lines :)

Julian Abram Wainwright - #3 really does it for me. Great use of natural light, architecture and diagonal lines. Awesome!

Tenielle - Your balance and composition is perfection…. i ADORE your work!

stacey kinkaid - they are all amazing!

Steve - Yup, shot 3 FTW :D

lydia {ever ours} - so freaking rad.

lisa - gorgeous.

Carl McKinney - absurd! Shouldn’t even be legal.

matty mo - you’re a composer, a good one

Ryan Ray - last image is so sweet!

Aaron Shintaku - lines lines. awesome awesome

Miah Klein - Denver has the magic. Cool use of the environment as #2 is my fav with the red window frames.

Chad - That last shot is sick. What a sweet find :)

Rico - those shadows on the parking garage…

jeret slack - Love how you see things. My fav is the second one great job:)

Caroline Fontenot - Brilliant.

the barbers - geometry called. it wants it’s lines + shapes back.
amazing stuff hugh!

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