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Scripps Seaside Forum, La Jolla, CA. Lines and windows. Oh dang.

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David de Biasí - Gorgeous work, I love your stile, congratulations from Spain.

Jay Studio Photography - Very very nice photos! Looks like a beautiful location too! Thanks for sharing your work. Looking forward to seeing more!

Steve Elmer - Dude, the “through the glass” stuff ya got goin on here is pretty dang inspirational ;)

sittinginatree - Love this wedding. We actually just blogged about your beautiful photos:)

Colorado Wedding Photographers, JasonG - Amazing venue! Love the wood building (details)

ken kienow - apparently when i first saw this, it kind of left me in a daze. i walked around the neighborhood for around 14 hours until my wife found me and took me home.

this time, i kept it together long enough to say that this is an incredible wedding. great jorb.

Michelle - your photos are absolutely gorgeous – found your photos from your lovely fiance’s blog. i love your style!! may i ask what type of equipment you are using?

Miah Klein - Everything is so warm and soft. I love the gentle bridal portrait with the wood and vale flowing on the side.

jeff ambrose - skillz.

Michelle Moore - Love the all the wood and the amazing gorgeous light!!!

jill - oh dang is right. wow. soooogoooood

Matt Lien - Freaking ridiculous dude.

lisa - i think i already mentioned you are my hero. i think it needs mentioning again. YOU. ARE. MY. HERO. your awesomeness has no end.

Natalie - wow. gorgeous. just gorgeous.

Cliff Marck - Your eyebrains are out of control Hugh.

matt - those bridal portraits and building shots are top-notch & a great entire set!

Kat Braman - your use of lines is almost as epic as The Sprouted Kitchen. *almost* :)

Geoff Heith - Wow these are brilliant! I don’t even know how you took that second shot with out getting yourself in it…awesome!

Jared Tseng - Crazy awesome set!


gary bradford - holy goodness of all this that are good, this post is ridiculous!

Ryan Ray - Hugh, you are way too good at this wedding photography stuff

Kip - You win x 1000

pierre - WTF !

lydia {ever ours} - love the ones through the window! the venue is pretty snazzy too!

pat furey - on fire.

Jacqui - love those lines and reflections. beautiful!

mathieuphoto - What? You want me to say WoW those are fantastic shots…OMG you’re an amazing artist…You killed this session…I love you and am jealous of your talent…
well there. I just said it.

geneoh - money.

Mackel - say whaaaaaaaa, that dress one is unreal killing it hufort

dom - killer tones/color combos on the first few

Mollie - Very pretty. I thought your posts were going to get shorter???

Jenny J - lines lines lines, yeah!

daronaliya - gorgeous. especially those shots through the window. WOW

rich - Bro – your work through the windows is so dope! Great set, all the way around – I’m super jealous of your style and talent.

Aaron Shintaku - that dress shot just punched me in the face.

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