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Los Rios District, San Juan Capistrano, CA.

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Nicole Franzen - stunning, love the yellows, love the shot of her in the mirror. Love the trees that look like a heart. Well done.

nowacki - Amazing !!!!!!!!!! ;-)

Tom - You’re killin’ it, man. Keep it up.

Chloe - Wow, everything is so beautiful through your lens(es). Truly amazing stuff, Hugh.

Brandon Kidd - Hey man! I haven’t talked to you in awhile. Such an awesome wedding. Great job! Hope to see you soon.

Bartek Szmigulski - bitchin’ ! Great pictures… I like the story which you have presented using photos. I like it.

Brittany Fitch - HUGH! These pictures are amazing, can’t wait to blog ’em

Rog - Whoa. did you see that crazy heart shaped tree? Geez. I wonder if that tree knows it’s in the shape of a heart. What if I was in the shape of a heart and nobody told me? Tragic.

Chad - killed it

Jared Tseng - So beautiful! Love the shot of the little tike with his play sword!

Jenny J - so clean. so beautiful.

Beth - Awesome pictures!

Steve Gerrard - Wowser! You’re just totally rockin’ my world with this set of images mate. Simply beautiful.

Steve Elmer - Dude, this post has had a hot shot of pure AWESOMENESS! Well done man :D

Nirav - Outstanding set Hugh! And congrats to you Josh!

andrew lee - yep. that’s some good stuff right there. house/door/mirror shot -awesome.

Andreas Holm - lovely man…

Christine Pobke - Wowsa. You da man.

rich - fml – c’est incroyable.

Kathy Elliott (mother of groom) - Hugh, it was such a joy to watch you work your amazing magic so unobtrusively. I barely knew you were in my house and also at the wedding. You truly captured Josh and Christie’s love and happiness…not to mention everyone else’s joy! Can’t wait to see the rest of your shots as these are FABULOUS!!

des - stunning!! the lights and lines, um…super jeal.

em - this wedding is so perfect. the location is beautiful but the photos all capture how it feels too. love how you use the tilt shift. i think i need one.

Ryan Ray - That was FAST! They are PERFECT dude!

matt sloan - beautiful.

rob chiu - beautiful

Aaron Shintaku - hughhhhhhhh is the mannnnnnnnnn!

paul sherar - HUGH! these are all pure genious!

Marc - Incredible!!!!

Molly - brilliant, duh.

Giuseppe Parisi - Golly the picture you posted on flickr is just a lil jem among a treasure chest full of goods. I just love your style and the wise of of the tilt shift.
Inspirational wedding photography took to another level.

kyle hale - Image 63! Fantastic man!

Shaun Menary - Yes, yes, and yes. Baller.

Lindsey Shea - Awesome! Love all the great moments!

lydia {ever ours} - love the ones with them under the trees. totally rad.

jen@greenweddingshoes - Gorgeous Hugh!! Josh + Christie – you guys looks so happy and in love. What a beautiful day. Big congrats to you both!!

Tyler Branch - tasty

matt - so many great ones man. hah, kid+sword is classic.

Jason - Beauuuutiful.
I love this couple.

Alyssa - Gorgeous, gorgeous set, man.

scotty - youre my favorite.

addy - hugh. you nasty. awesome stuff man.

Matt Morrissey - Banging! As usual! The close up b&w of her is nothing but money!

Josh and Christie - THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! Hugh, you could not have a happier bride and groom!!!! AMAZING!!!!

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