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San Diego, CA. Oh yeah.

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lydia {ever ours} - your work seriously astounds me. jaw never fails to hit and remain on the ground.

kristen - I almost just fainted. I think the entire post will probably really make me faint.

NEMA Photography - I wanna see more!!! =) hehehe.. nice job!

rich - hugh = the sickest. That first frame is just stupid good.

Andrew Barefoot - I think Rod Foster pretty much nailed it.

Rod Foster - So Duper!

Drew - Awesome setting Hugh! I can’t wait to see the rest!

Sara - I agree with mackel.

Jeff Ambrose - so simple yet so killer.

matty mo - that left one. super tight.

Mackel - dammnnnnnnnn guuurrrrrllll

lisa - i think my mouth just hit the floor.

Ryan Ray - Awesome!! Post some more!

Ben Blood - location location location.

ryan flynn - dang.

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