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She married a guy with a camera . She better get used to this

Bali was incredible. This was only like 8 seconds of it.

Yeah, I know.

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Brenda - Stunning! Your wife is absolutely gorgeous. Congratulations on your recent nuptials.

Stew - Yes, she better! Seriously beautiful work mate! :)

Brian Kraft - A belated congrats to you both!

fotograf lublin - Fantastic set :-)

Pierre - PLEASE COME BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nowacki - All my wishes of hapiness !!!!
I like your photos they are awesome!!!!!!! As one dowry: when I would be big I would like to make as you!!!!!!!
In French : tous mes voeux de bonheur !!!!
J’adore tes photos elles sont gĂ©niales !!!!!! Comme on dit : quand je serais grande je voudrais faire comme toi !!!!

Kiss to France !!! ;-)

Bailey Yamamoto - I second that… newlywed smile.. what fun, I really like your work!!!

Jason Hudson Dot Com - Wowzah beautiful.

Tenielle - Such a beautiful, real, set of photos. These are the type of photos years and years from now you’ll pull out of a dusty album , wearing grandpa slippers, swinging on the porch with a giant grin on your face, still sitting next to that same beautiful girl. Can’t wait to see more of your stuff in 2011, seriously inspiring. Til then, enjoy a well deserved break :)

MathieuPhoto - Bali looks Great!!

Rae - You marred a stunner!!
I love Bali.. it’s a 3 hour flight from where I live (Perth, Western Australia)
Looking forward to seeing more!

Matt Morrissey - Congrats to you both! Lauren STILL tries to be a good sport with my constant photo taking. Now I have a kid to where I point the camera:)

weddingchicks - she is the cutest!!!

lydia {ever ours} - congrats, again!

Matt Silverlock - She’s absolutely glowing! And you’re dead on about partners-of-photographers, I think they put up with a lot from us ;)

Kip - Redefining gorgeous since 9:29 AM

Yumi @ Natsukashii - Beautiful! What a radiating smile she has!

Briony - so sweet.

Jared Tseng - This is really sweet :)

Rod Foster - Padang you guys are in love!

James Moes - Charmed.

Drew W - Wow, she looks so unhappy about life here :-)

benj haisch - awwwwwe!!!

matt sloan - that’s definitely a “newlywed smile”. ;)

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