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ryanandashley_01ryanandashley_13ryanandashley_33ryanandashley_34Ryan and Ashley, you guys are rad. Thanks for having Miah and I along for the big day.

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geneoh - you are unreal.

Austin Curtis - yes, yes and more yes! killing it son!

Mandy - Your blog was linked to me by Logan Jarrard ( and I have to say… these pictures are amazing. I don’t even know this couple, but I feel like their personalities shine through. What an amazing feat. The colors are incredible. Well done.

Sasha R. Contreras - Your photography is amazing. If you’re ever in the Downtown Santa Ana artists’ Village, visit us @ the Nomadic Image Gallery in the bottom floor of the Santora Building (beneath Memphis). :)

Natalie Gibbs - Beautiful!

robyn - amazing job! and the bride’s hair?! that’s the prettiest color hair i’ve EVER seen. kudos to capturing it all so well!

matt porteous - truly beautiful images, i love the style and poses you have used, the colours are amazing, really lovely

kristen - Absolutely stunning.

Matt - killer photos, dude!

Mark - I second what both Jonas and Rich say. Great job!

oubonphom - get out! killer imagery here…

AmyPunky Photography - Gorgeous!!!!

Cathy - Love this wedding! That is such a gorgeous bride, and I love her dress. Great images and amazing B+G portraits!!

Jonas Peterson - shut up

Adrian T. - Oh I love your work. So much gorgeousness.

lane dittoe - Awesome JOb! Thanks for coming to our party man! later

Kaarin S - this is AWESOME

sarah - Love the bridal portraits, and b&g (bride & groom) in front of the white a-frame. Simple, sweet stunning. Also love your work on Sprouted Kitchen!

Mike - badassery.

Jen@Green Wedding Shoes - Stunning photos Hugh! The bride is gorgeous and love her dress.

Jeff Ambrose - epic, so freaking epic.

Jenny Jimenez - you sure know how to make people look good. andthat leaf fan is somethin else.

rich - holy shit you’re good.

KB - We do this for ourselves, but our clients are, of course, a critical barometer of our work and the commissioners of our art. Looks like ryan + ashley are pretty jazzed… It’s all win, all the time here. Nice work and thanks for sharing. :)

Molly - hugh.

get the hell outta here.

these are amazing.

her red hair didn’t hurt :)

you rock,

ryan + ashley - Hugh!!! they are AMAZING!! we are out in the middle of the Yucatan, Mexico and by the grace of God finally found a wireless signal…perfect timing for a post friend!! we are beside ourselves over these pics, knew it from the moment we met you that you were our man!!! god bless and safe travels, see you when we get home!

Brandon Wong - I love your work Hugh. Beautiful bride.

Ryan Ray - you are so legit dude. strong work.

pierre - Encore une fois, du trés beau travail !
félicitation !!

Jane Hasty - Sweeeeeeeeet!

ryan flynn - eff. so money.

sergio v mottola - dude, you’re out of your mind and i love it…

David - Hugh. You’re an artist :) I love these photos.

James Moes - Excellent, excellent. Consistent, consistent. Oh, Hugh.

Miah Klein - I’m in awe of this post even being a part of the whole thing in person. I like the way you see life.

Sara Morris - what an excellent variety of images, great background colors. You are wonderful.

gladys - wow. she is gorgeous. i love her red hair. these photos are beautiful. great job!

annabella brandon - hello… these are gorgeous.. well done

Josh - Yes, please I’d like to have some of your awesomeness! These images rock! Love the image of just the two of them dancing = beautiful!

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