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Word association with Russ and Bianca’s wedding day: 5am, 465 miles, Americano, Lone Ranger, epic, chiliwhomp.russandbianca_01img_2752russandbianca_03russandbianca_04russandbianca_05russandbianca_06russandbianca_07russandbianca_08russandbianca_09russandbianca_10russandbianca_11russandbianca_12russandbianca_13russandbianca_14russandbianca_15russandbianca_16russandbianca_17russandbianca_18russandbianca_19

Associated Works:

Kim (@ Paper Apron) - You make me want to get married all over again. Your photography is stunning. You have made my morning and you’ve inspired me!

Aaron Shintaku - sicky!! love it

D - Awesome pictures. The lighting is great.

EatingRD - Oh my goodness Hugh!!!! You are an absolutely amazing photographer, I about died looking at these. I also found your love’s sprouted kitchen site and loved it. You really capture the essence of the food, pure, crisp and delightful. I am crazy about photography and wish I was better at it, especially for my blog. I wish you could take pictures of my wedding! Can’t wait to keep reading!

Hugh - Thanks a bunch, everyone! Your feedback means a lot coming from such talented folk.
@Miah – I’ve got one coming up this Sunday, I’ll try harder. I promise :)

Jeremiah Klein - I think you could have done a better job of shooting the traditional 80’s-cheesy-posed-f22-on camera flash-stuff. This new school comfortable stylie is too timeless and will go out of style…trust me…

love your work.

m. a. - dope! so fresh, so clean.

SimplyBloom Photography, LLC - PS: Love that b&w shot of the whole wedding party-flawless!


sara - yes, chiliwhomp is exactly what came to mind. I love that one near the top with her eye lashes… extra nice shot

benj haisch - drool.

Michelle Moore - Rockstar Status.

Mackel - SICK!!!!

sergio v mottola - this is really phat. i’m very inspired!

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