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The light in Santa Barbara gets crazy.

Associated Works:

Miah Klein - legend.

Like the new logo too.

Marc - GORGEOUS! I love the choice to go with this type of light!

Kat Braman - wow I love this. the haziness gives it such a serene, almost secretive quality.

lydia {ever ours} - spectaculaaar!

rich - That’s pretty sick – but I expect great stuff every time you come up in the ole RSS reader. The birds, man – awesome stuff. Monkey man by the Specials just came on Pandora – it fits the photo oddly well…try it out.

Adrian - Pretty light. Love the softness and the tones.

Steve Elmer - the calm before a hectic blog post for sure… :)

Ryan Ray - uh oh… i have a feeling you are workin on a pretty awesome post..

EK - Wow, really cool picture. Great lighting and scenery.

matt - so nice. reminds me of vintage HFP with all those birdies flying’round :)

Paul Krol - yah the light is ok, indeed :-D that’s terrific!! their light-coloured clothing helps as well.

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