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Parker & Erin . Parker Ranch

What a day. Thank you, Parker & Erin for having me along. You, your family and your friends are incredible. We should do this again some time.

Bear hugs for Matt who helped me cover this story, and if you want to see something real pretty, have a look at Eric’s 16mm perspective, here.

(Oh, and for a look at some of the details and such: here and here)

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Karen K Dickey - My favorite post yet!! These are incredible!

Anna - I am absolutely in love with this couple and their wedding. The door idea is SO unique and creative. A long shot- any idea where I might be able to buy something like that? Or any idea if they are interested in selling this one? ;) It would be absolutely perfect. Please let me know! I would be eternally grateful. Thanks!

Dan O'Day - this is so good mate… skillzzz

PJ - wow!!!!!

bethany - these photos are exquisite! what a beautiful wedding.

craig williams - this is stunning! stopped me in my tracks! awesome job =)

xian - Stunning wedding and incredible captures. Well done!

nirav - Me encanta tu trabajo Hugh. Excellente mi hermano. Abrazos.

G - love your work! i wish i get married and have you shoot the wedding pictures but then again i am sure i can’t afford it hahaha. oh well, in my country it’s called suntok sa buwan which kind of meant/equals “shooting for the moon”. :P

Julia - WOW! Beautiful!

kelsey - Stunning, Hugh.

Nick - BRo. what? hug.

Mark Tierney - Ace.

geneoh - everything is so great about this post. Love it all.

Zulbard - like always, superb!!

James Melia - Awesome work, just awesome…

den - another great job hugh!

caroline - hugh are the man. this wedding blows my mind you are so good.

kmh - *electrocution Blanka style

Caroline Fontenot - Unbelievezzzzable

sarah der - I think I love you. Also I’m with Josh, I QUIT, and Jill, which is that my heart just exploded from this post. Brbs I am going to the hospital now.

Steve Gerrard - 100% aceness!

Travis Shumate - I just got done yelling at the screen. These are ridiculous. Excellent work. Just beautiful.

john benavente - so rad!

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Teneil Kable - unREAL!!!!

Becca - Just gorgeous, I used to babysit Erin & you managed to capture her sweetness with every image! I know having such amazing subjects makes your job easier, but your work is truly incredible! Congrats Parker & sweet little Erin!!!

Paul Krol - absofreakinglutely amazeballs wedding coverage dude! Totally enjoyed viewing this wedding!

Meredith S - sooooooooo gooooooooood

nicolelennox - *breathless* I am totally blown away by these images. Thank you Hugh for sharing what you so clearly love to do.

Jakob - Umm. Yeah. Wicked.

Alyssa Schroeder - Speechless :)

Kelsey Stewart - Slam dunk Hugh! LOVE it!!!!

ken kienow - brb gonna go get a vasectomy because i will never produce anything as beautiful as this blog post.

abbey - fuhh realll? this is like the epitome of love pretty happy rainbows color sun EVERYTHING. dying. so good.

pen - Oh. My. This is insanely amazing. Incredible. Love every. single. image. And how utterly gorgeous is Erin!

jill - currently suffering from a heart/mind explosion due to this post. heading to the hospital now.

rich - inspiring as always. your work is amazing – period.

amanda vanvels - holy smokes.

Jason curescu - Been waiting to see this wedding. Amazing job Hugh

rod foster - You got some tricks left, HuFort. I’m on to you, but you got some tricks

mangerine - just hugged my monitor.


Rico - man crush. I feel like we are connected.

Josh Gruetzmacher - You guys killed it. Such a gorgeous couple, friends, style… awesome everything.

lydia {ever ours} - unfreakingbelievable. no other words.

Steve - So fricken good!

Anni - So fantastic. Your work is incredibly inspirational, so amazing.

Agnes Stenlund - This is soooooo good.

sf - bro

Matt Lien - Eff, man. So. Good.

Jen O. - You continue to inspire with your talent. They look like such a fun couple and you captured their joy beautifully.

Heather Curiel - So beautiful! You, them, a match made in heaven!

Ryan Ray - so good hugh! owning it in so cal..

matt - bro. You NAILED this one. So rad to see your perspective on such a familiar location. #shoryuken

Michael Wachniak - holycrap.

andrew lee - so great, hugh. i always look forward to your posts. thanks for this.

Jenny J - you = mad skills + rad wife

J Shoda - This is straight yoga flame.

benj haisch - friggin’ A, man. so effing good.

sara - it’s true that i say you get better every single time, but seriously, you do, and I am SO impressed with you.

Igor Demba - This is like flare kingdom. So good Hugh!

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