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Alys Beach, Florida, Wedding | PortraitsAlys Beach, Florida, Wedding | Portraits

I spent last weekend celebrating marriage with Anna & Andrew. Then I spent the flight home culling their wedding and grinning at my computer screen.

Alys Beach, Gulf Coast, FL.

Mathew - Wow so beautiful! I love these images!!

Apai - wow!

sara - love the curves in the second photo. so very nice. I love when YOU love what you do. makes me happy.

dragos - The second shot is amazing!

pierre atelier - can i live in your dream please ?

isaiah - #2 – ultra money

Rog - bwoumph.

rich - celebrating marriage for sure – connection totally comes through in these images. awesome work dude!

Drew W - Awesome contrast dude.


San Francisco Engagement PhotographySan Francisco Engagement PhotographySan Francisco Engagement PhotographySan Francisco Engagement Photography

Fact: this session was the second coldest I’ve ever been at the top of a hill in San Francisco.

I’m headed back to the Bay Area this weekend to celebrate Cliff and Natalie’s wedding at Manka’s Boat House. It’s going to be all time imo.

San Francisco, CA.

Martin Hemsley - Awesome compositions, fantastic.

Dragos - This is sooo good!

Pj - …that is good!! ;)

Mark Tierney - Very moody Hugh and superb compositions – as always!

mjp - lovely b&w

Mathew Sacco - epic!

Pierre Atelier - raw quality ! like always…

rich - so wonderfully dark. nice.

KIBBIX - Going dark + dank. Danke.

caleb - tasty clean.

lydia {ever ours} - made my eyes happy.

ryan - that hugz boson.

Rod Foster - Whoa! Soft Shell Crab

Nick - those tones

David - Bang on.

mike fiechtner - so good!

matthew morgan - all time.

isaiah - pimpdaddyhugh


Peninsula Hotel, Beverly Hills, Bride width=

Such neat people and hotel and wedding. Kinda love working in confined spaces.

Beverly Hills, CA

sara - love love love the tones. she looks stunning.

michelle - I can stare at this for a very long time :)

rich - beautiful shot. entering the twilight zone – wedding edition.

isaiah - hugh…common dude…you already know

Dan O'Day - nice one H-bomb

ryan flynn - #neat

Claudette Carracedo - just lovely.

pat furey - tones on tones on tones plus lines on lines on vines.


hugh forte engagement

I’m pumped on Jeff and Ashlee. They are good people. I won’t be there for their San Francisco wedding later this year, but Sean will. More good people! Righteous.

Orange County, CA

LC Productions - Love the black and white photos here!

aron - dig everything about this session.

john day - damn fine.

caroline - hugh, i’m always so inspired by your brilliant compositions!


PJ - cool man ;-)) great photos…

PIerre Atelier - Now, people won’t go to Paris / France anymore to have a romantic moment, but, in Cali in a Parking lot with you…

LOGAN COLE - That first image is mind blowing! Oh and then so is the next and the next and the next… but that first one blew my mind like 2x

zulbard - you really good how to tell a story with images!

gee - sweet

ryan - that first one redefines physics and art, all at once.

kmh - The top halves of your clients ‘sploded in image 09 due to awesome acceleration

Igor Demba - Boom in the gut. That good!

lydia {ever ours} - ridiculousity. insane in the membrane.

rich - you see lines like no one else on the planet. awesome work!

Bradford - top of the foodchain stuff.

geneoh - you make parking garages look so good.

J Shoda - Your quarks and leptons are so on point here.


seattle, snoqualmie, washington, wedding

I spent the weekend in the PNW. It’s a nice place.

Snoqualmie, WA

PIerre Atelier - no comment, it’s gorgeous !

Pierre Atelier - so green, SO FRESH !!!!

gee - !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuomas Mikkonen - Looks nice for shure! Can’t wait to see more!

kizzy - I can smell how fresh this photo is from ATL

lydia {ever ours} - whoa my. can’t wait to see the rest.

rich - looks pretty nice indeed.

dylan - Love the beautiful greenery. PNW is amazing with (or without) sun :)