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I just got home from a little trip up the coast with some friends. I love the slow pace of these trips. I love what a lack of connectivity does to my priorities. I love watching what becomes important. Here are a few frames from the road. 

Associated Works: - SAWEEEET! love these editorial images, where is the freeway/road shot from? I’ve driven the 1 coast all the way up and it looks familiar, but i’m not sure where

fer juaristi - This series is magic!

Chasen Armour - These photos have made me miss home more than about anything I have seen in 15 months. Well done!! Beautiful images!!

Lara - So excited to discover your blog. Your work is stunning!

Hugh - @craig – thanks, bud. I can’t say my b/w conversions aren’t inspired by obstaculum, though :) Still looking forward to the next installment.
@mus, thanks for stopping by man, i appreciate the feedback.
@cameron – ha, thanks, see above comment @craig and for some seriously amazing imagery see here:

Cameron Ingalls - LOVE your B&W processing…tasty!

mustafah - cool stuff. dig all 3 surfer shots

craig parker - Dude, these shots are phenomenal…
I so love your processing and as far as portraits go, there’s such a sense of honesty in these moments. Great looking site as well….keep it up.

Hugh Forte - @sara – just need you to come along next time :)
@tiago – stop and smell them. just be careful of what genus and species they are in Colombia. And don’t take any pictures of them. Remember chucky?
@chloe – thanks chloe! so good to hear from you. we didn’t make it quite that far north this time, but i’ll for sure stop by next time I make it to SLO (which will be sooner rather than later, i hope). now, off to your blog…

Chloe Murdoch - Hi Hugh.
Love the new pics :) Especially the one of JoJo in the grass and the first one of him looking like a thug. I love the way your photos tell a story and cause the viewer to question and think. The edge you add to them really captivates me and and makes want to see past what you have shown in the frame! You are so tallented and it is so cool to see God allowing your business and your skills flourish and grow! Keep up the good work and next time you come up north (i don’t know how far you came up this time :)) make sure you come to see us in San Luis Obispo. Dan would love to surf with you and maybe we could take some pics together. Also I don’t know if you have but drop me a line on my blog @!
Miss you and my curly friend… talk to you soon.

tiago - Oh I forgot to say that your pictures here are really great. Whenever I see your photos my first thought is “is it possible that such beautiful scenes exist all around me every day, and I just don’t see them because I’m too busy and don’t take the time to appreciate life and smell the flowers?…” but then I remember you’re probably just using a shift-tilt lens or something and I get back to digg…..

tiago - well I can’t let you steal my thunder on my own blog, now can I. Besides that little bit of sarcasm allows me to make it look like I don’t take myself too seriously, when we all know the truth…

Sara Morris - Love them! So lucky to live in a place like this with friends like you do. Your comment leading to the pics makes them even better.x

Hugh Forte - addy, thanks bud. i know, a full month between posts is like a blogger felony. keep an eye out though, i’ve got some more images in the oven. thanks for stopping by.

addy - inspiring hugh. seriously man. you should post more often.

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