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I’ve compiled the following list in response to the frequent emails I receive inquiring as to what gear I use.

Camera Bag (ThinkTank Airport Intl. V2)*

-EOS 3
24mm f/1.4L*
35mm f/1.4L*
40mm f/2.8
45mm f/2.8 t/s-e
50mm f/1.2L
50mm f/2.8 macro
85mm f/1.2L Mk II
135 f/2.0L
EF 12 II Extension Tube
580 EXII Speedlights (x3)

PocketWizard Plus II Transceivers (x3)
SanDisk & Lexar UDMA Cards (4GB/8GB)


Apple Mac Pro
-2 x 2.26 GHz Quad-Core, 16 GB of RAM
Dell 2209WA Displays (x2)*
Photoshop CS5*
Lightoom 4
-InDesign CS4
Lexar UDMA Card Reader

*Favorite Item

Joshua - Hey buddy! I have been trying to get similar images as to what is on your blog. Is there anyway that you can tell me what you use for post? Do you use presets or actions and if so what ones do you like? This would help me out so much man thank you! Great work!

edie - Can I ask what do you do to make the photo to be in these gloomy (and wonderful) color?
Any special filter in the post process?

Tetyana - Hi, amazing job, can not stop looking at your pictures! I wish I could learn one day, it’s the big science! I don’t know even where to start. Thank you for sharing!

ken kienow - i was hoping for your fixed gearing.

Anna - all my favourite photographers use Canon gear. I wondered if you were Nikon user would it be possible to get similar post process?? i know Otto Schulze use Nikon so maybe it is possible..

Nicky Walsh - Hi…new to blogging and stumbled over your site a few months ago. Its a great stop for me when looking for inspiration for my projects..thanks x

Mark - Thanks for sharing this! I know it’s usually not “cool” to be like oh hey what gear do you use! But it’s still fun stuff to know. I like your work a lot! I’m surprised to see the flashes on this list because I don’t recall seeing anything strobed in your portfolio…that, or you are the MAN and can make hand strobes look like beautiful west coast light.

Keep up the good work man! You are a real inspiration to me.

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