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Eric and Carly kinda run it. Laguna Beach, CA.

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Heather Elizabeth - This is my favorite engagement session by you. Brilliant work. Absolutely love the use of architecture.

kristen - Looove the black and whites!

pierre - je ne m’en lasse pas !!

lane dittoe - yes! hugh does know ugly people, have you not met Rod! jk rod, That orange wall is the poop!

Christine Pobke - Dude, why are you so good? So freakin’ good it makes my eyes hurt. From staring at the monitor at your awesomeness and forgetting to blink.

Amelia - so good!!!!

Lisa@The Cutting Edge of Ordinary - Do you know ANY ugly people??? LOL Everyone is always so gorgeous! Beautiful pictures.

ken kienow - you’re good. too good. here, consider this a head start: you have 15 minutes.

maggie - yes! you bring the excitement hugh!

Amy Petrucci (Eric's Mom) - Beautiful!! I love you both so much!!

sergio v mottola - this is getting out of hand!

Mackel - beach shots are sickkkk!

Ryelj - Great work Hugh! I love the energy and creativity that comes out of your work :). What a super fun couple… very lucky to have you!

Sara - Very sweet close ups. You really made a lot of the location. YOU run it.

Lisa - your work is magnificent and inspiring. i am a true fan.

Michael - bodacious.

James Moes - Wonderful.

addy - wow. these might be my favorite to date. awesome hughsef.

Ryan Ray - last one is money!

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