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Spanish Hills Country Club, Camarillo, CA

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rich - whaaaaattt???? that pool shot – damn, dude.

Denver Wedding Photographers, JasonG - Wow… sweet reflection!

James Moes - This is brilliant. I keep returning to this diptych.

Jared Tseng - Simple and elegant. Just lovely!

jeret slack - Amazing how your mind thinks… :)

Christine Pobke - Yes, yes and more yes. Please.

lydia {ever ours} - absolutely stunning!

Dan O'Day - what Ryan, Michael, Paul and Kip said

scotty - what kip said.

Ryan Ray - sick.

michael - you owned the pool Hugh.

Paul Von Rieter - Radness as usual… =) I can’t stop staring at the reflection shot.

Kip - Huzzah!

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