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brandon + lacey

k, two things: one, lacey, brandon and i shanghaied the pilgrim and took it for a spin around the harbor for their engagement session! two, i totally just lied. but we did shoot up the harbor round-a-bout the aforementioned boat- ship- sorry. annnnyway, lacey and brandon were killer, they were up for just about anything and super fun to shoot. here’s some of the action:

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Heidi - Hugh, I have become acquainted with your photographs from a friends wedding you shot, I think May of 2008. Once I saw the first photo, I knew you were a different and exeptionally talented photographer! These engagement photos along with the many other weddings I have seen you blog are no exeption. I think you show the true essence of God’s creations. Well done! I can’t wait to have an occassion to have you photograph…

Michelle Moore - That second to last image is just yummy….love the way the tilt creates that blur on the left side. Nice work!

Mateo - The compo is tight on these ones. Love the backlit rim-lighting beneath the trees. Nothing looks forced= super solid.

Jeremiah Klein - Hugh,
Such neat stuff. Love the colors, composition, positions…you got it down. I’m definitely stealing some of your ideas. Looks like a cool couple.

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