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San Jose, CA.

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Heidi Ryan - Your photos are architectural in nature. – brings a whole new dimension to the event. Rather than using backgrounds as just that , you frame the subjects within the surroundings- brings a whole new dimension to the event. Kudos to your artistic eye and great style.

JasonG - Beautiful. Love the second shot – amazingly framed by the foliage.

rika - brilliant wedding work in b+w

Miah Klein - Black in White is the new color, great stuff as usual.

Cata Fuster - Excellent as always ! love is in the air in this pictures!
Perfect composition !
I love your B&W and makes me so jealous ! i cant do it so great as you !

stacy - Excellent work!!

kB - There is not a frame here that I wouldn’t be proud to call my own. Bravo.

charissa - hugh! thank you for doing such a great job! alton & i had such a great time working with you!!! These pictures are awesome & we are excited to see the rest!

Jenny J - grandmaster flash with yo white(&black) lines. FREEZE! ROCK!

Mike - the lines dude. the lines. geometry is your friend.

Briony - timeless

scotty - teach me

matt - these tilted lines are tight.

Mark Brooke - nice real nice.

@chan + @benj LOLOLOLOLOLOL!

fer juaristi - love you vision bro.

chan - i award you this comment for your brave display of comment-total-virtue.

that and i am, twice, a fan of you.

geneoh - killer.

chan - @benj yeah, who in their right mind would want to be given 100 shares of apple today.

benj haisch - money. soooo money. this is like being given 100 shares of apple stock 5 years ago.

ryan flynn - en fuego. love the lines in the first one, and everything about the second.

Ryan Ray - H.E.R.O.

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